About Our Company

About Our Company

We are a eager family owned septic pumping company. We will COMPLETELY grind, pump and dispose your septic tank contents. Septic inspections available for realtors and their closings. Price matching!  We serve Marvville, Alcoa, Walland, Seymour, Friendsville, Tn and all of Blount County.

About Us

Real Estate Septic Inspections

We work with a number of home owners and real estate agents to help prepare your home for going to market. Call us to schedule a appointment to inspect your home.

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What We Do

Septic Pumping

The most common septic mistake is if you aren’t having any problems, you don’t need to pump your tank. Scheduling regular maintenance is the most important…

Septic Inspection

A failed septic system is a costly, messy, and disruptive problem to correct. When you are purchasing your new home, call Mountain Poo to evaluate the septic…

Septic Cleaning

Is your sewer drain blocked? Our experts won’t just poke a hole through the blockage; we have equipment that will cut it all away, leaving your drains clear and …

We do Real Estate Septic Tank Inspections

Give us a call to get a professional inspection of your homes’ septic system.


Why use Mountain Poo? We use The Crust Buster